Recognizing the fact that one plan does not fit all, we’ve put together a collection of plans for both non-profit organizations and commercial web development projects.

Most hosts offer lots of space these day and so do we. What sets us apart is the technical support and advice we provide, along with packages that go well beyond most companies’ terms of service.

1. Small
Space: 5 GB
Files: 5,000
FTP/Domains: 1
Databases: 1
Email forwarders: 10

Cost: $36/year

2. Medium
Space: 10 GB
Files: 10,000
FTP/Domains: 3
Databases: 3
Email forwarders: 25
POP email accounts: 10
Wordpress: Yes

Cost: $50/year

3. Large
Space: 20 GB
Files: 20,000
FTP/Domains: 5
Databases: 5
Email forwarders: 50
POP email accounts: 25
Wordpress: Yes
Mailing list: Yes

Cost: $72/year